Get Sparkling-White Teeth When You Use Strawberries As Teeth-Whiteners

Get Sparkling-White Teeth When You Use Strawberries As Teeth-Whiteners

Your teeth are the greatest assets you have when it comes to social interactions. They are an integral part of your smile, and the best smile always comes with the whitest teeth. But teeth whiteners are known to damage the enamel of the teeth. They have several other side-effects associated with their use. It is time to try out some natural ones to whiten your teeth.

The easiest and most efficient way is going to be to use strawberries. You can always mash-up strawberries into a paste in a bowl to begin with. Dip your toothbrush into the mashed paste you have prepared this way. Apply it over your teeth. Regular application is likely to show up positive results within two weeks.

The magic is achieved by the malic acid in strawberries. But you should be sure to get some ripe strawberries for yourself to do the trick. They contain a lot more malic acid in contrast to the citric acid contained in them.

Rubbing the teeth with strawberries is going to transfer some of the malic acid to your teeth. This is going to move away some of the debris that has accumulated over time to give your teeth a yellow hue. The cleaning action is going to leave your teeth white like never before.

For best results, you should take care to repeat the application at least twice a day. Your teeth need care and attention as much as any other part of your body, so do try out the formula using strawberries.