Expensive beauty treatments

Expensive beauty treatments

Beauty treatments are commonly used by women. They are designed to make women look more attractive, usually in some special occasion. But there are many women, especially celebrities, who are addicted to those treatments. Happily, there are many treatments that are specially made for rich or famous people. They often use some expensive materials or objects in their process.

Although it isn’t known effect of those materials, these treatments are very popular and very expensive. Here are a few most expensive beauty treatments:

1. $15.000 beauty treatment. Basically, this is a bath, called, Bath of Evian water. Although it is bath with drinkable water, known for her mineral properties, and rose petals, it cost $11.000. If you want more you can have stay in the hotel for the night and pay $15.000. This bath has no some real effect on your skin or beauty, but you are paying the prestige.

2. $7.000 pays you treatment invented by Scott-Vincent Borba, with rubies and diamonds, literally. They are crushed and made into a paste, painted onto your skin. They say that this treatment gives your skin clarifying, fortifying and antioxidant boost. Although this is just a good advertisement, truth is completely different. Rubies and diamonds have very hard structure, and there is no way they can get into your skin, so this treatment is also just a prestige.

3. $4000 buys you a whole body treatment in Malibu. This treatment uses 24-carat gold in order to promote cell growth and healthier cell activity. It takes four hours for the full body treatment. The truth is that gold can really help your skin, but it is too expensive, and you can always find gold-based moisturizer much cheaper.